Success Story of Aarmin Bhesania

Aarmin BhesaniaI am 58 years old and have been into the modelling profession since last few years. Hectic life with travelling for photo shoots was making me exhausted and dull. I realized that it was time for me to take on the harness of my health in my hands.

That is when I came across Neha’sNutriFit Clinic near my house and went in for an enquiry. I was readily convinced with the methodology and the professionalism and decided to join for the 3 months program of diet, gym and muscle stimulating therapy.

Its been 2 months now and I have already lost 9 kgs and more over, I have regained all my stamina, strength and I no more feel exhausted. I am very thankful to the entire team of NNC for getting the much needed modification in my lifestyle. The program has not only helped me losing weight and inches but has also made my skin glow and given me much needed confidence in my personal and professional life.

The Diet and Exercise programs are very simple to follow and manage and have been easily integrated into my routine life. Its not only me whose enjoying the diet plan, but also my family members are happy with easy to cook and delicious recipes with right nutrition.
Now I lead an active life, travel, go out for social events and yet continue to lose weight.

I feel full of energy, my spirits are high and I feel a renewed zest for life ……..

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