Success Story of Rushab Jain

Rushab JainGained 12 kgs

“I would like to share with you my personal experience with Neha’s NutriFit Clinic.

It has been a great pleasure to work out here as I feel it’s the best place to exercise. Its changed me completely, as I was only 56 kgs. when I joined and was really thin. After following the diet plan with Neha and exercise regime designed by Bhavesh, my weight has increased by almost more than 12 kgs maintaining a low fat percentage and increasing my lean muscle mass.

My whole idea and concept towards exercise has changed since I have joined here. I love to throw some kicks and punches on the punching bag here, pump some iron, sweat out with the hardcore boot camp and High Intensity Interval Training and enjoy the stretches and relax with some power yoga moves.

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